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Effective Landing Page – Best Ways to Optimize It

How about clicking a link on a search engine that takes you right to the page you actually wanted to read. Take for instance, you were planning to buy a digital camera for your friend and clicked a link that took you right to a database sheet which had comparative analysis on the types of digital camera along with the price tag. And, how would you feel if few other links took you to the home page of digital camera, history of the camera, or some other irrelevant page? You wouldn’t like it.

In short, the landing should be just as interesting as to hook the reader or prompt him to act further to become a potential customer. This page, known as the landing page, should be well-managed and optimized to help users get the exact information.

How to create a landing page that attracts traffic, glues them to it, and enchants them to take a positive action? Read on to know more.

Simple, Crisp, and Direct

Today, users are busy and don’t have the time or the patience to go for a lengthy reading. Landing pages need to be crisp and direct to specify what exactly the user needs to do. However, before asking the user to act, landing pages should also notify the website they are highlighting and what it is all about.

Take for instance, a user clicks a link on a direct email. The link would take him to the landing page of the website. If he does not know what the landing page represents, he would be totally confused.

  Value-Added Information

It is not always that the user would act by just reading the dramatized content. Yes, content does matter in helping a user read through the entire paragraph. But, helpful information and links can work wonders to the user to help him decide his next course of action.

When providing links, it is best to create tags for each link. In this way, a webmaster would easily understand where the user or potential customer left the scene while trying to purchase a commodity through an e-commerce site.

Through a tag, a user would know which link has been the most popular one and which is the least accepted one. When this subtle information is passed on to the viewer, the landing page is more user-friendly and acceptable.

  Keyword-Centric Content

One factor which dominates optimization of a page is keywords or key phrases. Quite often, a landing page is just the homepage of the website. Here, the webmaster has not considered the keywords or analyzed the content based on the keywords. In a truly optimized landing page, the page can be different from the homepage of a website.

In fact, there can be more than one landing page but one homepage. Each landing page is catered to a particular keyword or key phrase. Take the same example mentioned earlier in this article – about buying a digital camera. The keywords can be “digital camera”, types of digital camera”, comparative price of the digital camera”, etc.

Here, the database on the features of various types of camera would be the landing page of one phrase. While an overview of digital camera can be another landing page for “digital camera”. In short, the landing pages highlight only that content which is relevant as per the keyword specified by the user.

Formalities at the Minimum

Why go for formalities and registration forms to give a user an access to your website? Did you know that 30 percent of the users or curious surfers who come across a site with an entry form, simple leave instantly?

Instead of dissuading the user by providing him with a form, just ask for the email ID. Remember, important relationships are built up only through emails. Just ask the user the information you need to conduct the business. Any other credentials are not really required that you don’t need for closing a deal.

  Accept Changes

No one can say for sure what the ultimate marketing strategy can be. In a landing page also, you need to try for better content, different content and graphics, etc. Changes are must for any Internet Marketing technique to succeed.

Keep different landing pages for a single keyword. Place it and see the changes it reflects to the site. Google Analytics and similar analyses tools can help you analyze the best landing page that go with the specified term.

Bring in variety in form of images, informative content, and animations. A picture for instance, can say “thousand words at one go”. However, be sure not to use graphics or animation that is heavy and slows down PC. Users would rather leave the site immediately than take the trouble of waiting minutes for the page to load.

  Wrapping Up

Landing pages help in all Internet Marketing strategies – Pay-per-Click (PPC), Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, etc. It is the first impression of the user about the website they want to see.

So, optimizing it for a particular keyword and for all types of users is a must for its success. If successful, the users would tread forward. If it is just another irritating site, they would never set their eyes on to the website.

In a nutshell, you lose customers – and at a fast pace. So, be flexible while designing landing pages and creating apt content, to rope in the best traffic for your website.

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