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Book Conversion

e-Data Pro, a leading data entry services provider in India offers book conversion service to convert your print books and manuscripts into fully editable electronic files.

We take care of everything - scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), clean up of all mainline text, proofing, and styling - to provide you an electronic file that can be edited updated, and turned into a useable product.


Using our extensive expertise with advanced technologies we have developed in-house processes, which enable us to easily and efficiently replicate the original data or documents to an electronic media. This enables to maximize portability, versatility and the interactivity of electronic books to be read on a notebook, palm or desktop computer, tailored to suit the individual requirements of a reader.


Conversion of printed books to e-books involves conversion of data from physical pages to tagged electronic files. Old or existing manuscripts and books can be preserved and distributed easily, while e-publishing is much less expensive than its traditional ink-and-paper counterpart.


Our extensive range of expertise includes:

If you have a publishing house, library, or if you are a content provider and want to make your valuable books, magazines, catalogues, research papers and articles available to a wider audience, contact Us for your book conversion requirements.


We can complete a sample for you; we will be able to give you an accurate estimate once we do. It you wish to get started immediately we can offer you the option of an hourly rate.


Over the past several years, we have pioneered ways to work at a distance and build trust. We structure payment and deliverables in a way that reduces the risk for both parties especially before a solid commercial relationship is established. This long distance model of working often requires that trust be earned slowly.


Perhaps one of the secrets to our success is that we understand our client needs via effective communication. To test us just complete the form on this site.


This is the key question that we ask when we hire someone and it is a key question when looking for an Indian vendor. We have many long-term customers mostly from the US and the UK. These include legal firms, Colleges, Private Universities and over 40 other International customers.


Amazon is selling increasing numbers of Digital PDF e-books. Adobe and Microsoft have new digital rights management features in their software. E-publishing now presents the hottest job opportunities in the USA. The world is now a hot market for digital content. Digital technologies and the Internet have made many things possible.


Old or existing manuscripts and books can be preserved and distributed easily. E-publishing is much less expensive than its traditional ink-and-paper counterpart. Printed material can now be converted to: ebooks, ebrochures, ezines, E-journals, white papers and academic papers.


PDF, HTML and XML are the popular file formats used for e-books.

PDF (Portable Document Format), developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, looks very close to the printed page and has a .pdf file extension. It can be read or printed by anyone, anywhere since it can be used on nearly all operating systems with the free e-Book Reader and Acrobat Reader software from Adobe.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), E-books in HTML format have ".htm" or ".html" file extensions and can be accessed and read using any popular Web browser software running on nearly all operating systems.


Since we have a variety of dedicated business units, we can handle many things in-house. Besides book conversion. We have a DTP department that can layout books and create book covers. We also have a software division that can create e-publishing web.

Please contact us with your data outsourcing and data conversion requirements.

For more information, e-mail us:

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