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Form Processing

We have more than eight years of experience finding Form Processing Solutions for major organizations and companies across the globe. We deal with both structured and non-structured versions of Form Processing and JavaScripts, ASP, CGI Form Processing.

For all organizations that deal with large volumes of dataentry forms like invoices, vouchers, and medical claims, it has become very important to access information rapidly through online in a convenient form from single or multi locations.

We will work with you to develop the suitable approach for streamlining your form processing needs as cost-effective as possible.

We uses state-of-the-art software for automatic extraction of information like names, phone numbers, addresses, dates, bar codes, numbers, and product codes in all stages of their Form Processing services.

Our Quality Assurance Team reviews your work on a 1:1 ratio versus random auditing basis. In cases where 100% accuracy is required, Re-key Verify Process is performed.

Some of these services are:

  • Form Design
  • Resumes
  • HTML Forms
  • CGI Forms
  • ASP, JSP & PHP Forms
  • Online Form Processing
  • Documents Preparation
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Paper Form Filling
  • Form Scanning
  • Documents Retrieval
  • Automatic Form Filling
  • Survey / Market Research Forms
  • Consumer Applications
  • Questionnaires
  • Documentation for organizations, institutions and firms
  • Translate and transfer paper-based data to computer format
  • Form Processing for Insurance, banking, medical forms
  • Legacy Transcriptions
  • Highly accurate conversions of legal documents
  • Hardcopies of case files and similar legacy documents are converted into digital formats

And more …


We have highly skilled professionals, processes and state-of-the-art technology to handle structured as well as non-structured versions processing. First, our Form Processing department downloads the forms from client site. Second Step, TIFF Images are loaded into customized software from which our experience team create a new database. Third Step would be design the field and enter the data accurately. Fourth Step would be quality checkup and export as XLS or DBF File. Last step is to send the client's work in appropriate format.

Our expertise in implementing a wide range of applications will assist you to transform from a slow, manual means of automatic form processing, to an automated system that minimize errors and dramatically improve efficiency.

Our Goal: "We deliver Totally Risk Free Remarkable Services". We manage the entire spectrum of form processing services sector. Forms are utilized for the purpose collecting and managing information, from a large number of people for various purposes. We fill in hundreds of forms — Application forms, Questionnaires, Health claim forms, Insurance claim forms, Legal forms, Medical claim forms, Rebate forms, Rental forms, Subscriptions forms, Survey forms, Tax forms, Shipping documents - in our life. If you are interested in finding out more detail information about our data processing and automatic form processing services to outsource your forms processing tasks.

Please contact us with your data outsourcing and data conversion requirements.

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