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Litigation Coding

We offers leading automated Litigation document coding services to corporate legal departments, attorneys and law establishments. Embedded in our culture is our commitment to quality, accuracy and immediate response to the needs of our client. This is exactly the reason why we are one of the leading litigation outsourcing businesses.

We have a team of experts with an experience of many years. Their services can be availed for legal transcription services like witness document collection, scanning, legal coding, and document management. The prime reasons for our success are cost-competitiveness (prices as low as one-third of local US service rates), domain-specific experience and data security.

Law firms and in-house legal departments have started outsourcing litigation services in order to stay competitive. Handling data efficiently has become a challenge for private attorneys, counselors, barristers, legal practitioners and law firms. We have been providing proficient litigation services to a large number of global law firms and private attorneys. Outsource to e-Data Pro and get access to efficient litigation support services.

With the competent litigation support services that we provide, you can quickly identify the document that you require. Your law firm will longer need to spend unnecessary time on searching for a document. Our professional, experienced and well-trained litigation support team can effectively manage all your litigation related documents. Outsourcing litigation services to e-Data Pro can help you save on time, manpower and effort. Instead of filing or searching for documents, your law firm can concentrate on core competencies while we competently handle your paperwork.

The main areas of Litigation process that we specialize in and offer our support for, are:

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Read our Legal Document Preparation method to find how we have created a hassle-free outsourcing experience for our customer.

Indexing and Organizing.

Our professional litigation services team can effectively organize all your transcripts, evidence documents, depositions and any other legal documents that are important to your law firm. We first create a detailed page-by-page review of your legal documents and then competently create a well-organized, well-indexed and easy-to-use searchable database. During the process, we abstract the key fields to ensure that your legal documents are well-organized. With our effective litigation support services, you will no longer need to spend time or energy to find a business-critical legal document.

Objective Coding.

Our litigation services team can provide efficient objective coding services. We will first extract information from your legal documents and then create a searchable database. Our team conducts objective coding on various fields, such as, author, document date, document title, copies, recipient, document type, begin dates, end dates, document characteristics and names mentioned within the text.

Subjective Coding.

Our litigation support team would first take the important information from your legal documents and then analyze this information and create summaries of the legal documents. We conduct subjective coding on various fields such as, product name, person name, document summary etc. This subjective information can enable your law firm employees to quickly find the required legal document. Outsourcing subjective coding services can help your organization to easily find the required document. We use the Wender software to send the completed work to our customers in formats that our compatible with litigation software, such as Concordance, Lotus, Summation, IPRO and Ringtail amongst others.

Document Scanning and Document Processing.

We also provide expert document scanning and document processing services. We will first scan individual pages and convert them into images. These images would be reviewed and then grouped to create image files. Documents that include a single image file or many image files will be unitized.


Each document is a unique page that is characterized by a unique document type, recipient, date, author etc. Our litigation services team can effectively determine the boundaries of your legal documents. We can provide both logical document determination (LLD) services and physical determination services.

For LLD services, we determine the attachments range and the document ranges within the attachment ranges. We then determine the document ranges by analyzing all the loose pages. After this, we determine where a document starts and ends. We also determine the attachment ranges by analyzing its relationship with subsequent or previous documents.

Physical determination is based on physical boundaries that are determined by binding elements such as stapler pins, clips etc. We can effectively unitize your documents within the physical boundaries that are determined by the binding elements.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Our litigation support team can provide effective OCR services where we convert documents into formats such as, PDF. We then create competent and searchable databases where all your documents can be easily stored and accessed. Our litigation team can also code the electronic evidence into formats compatible with standard litigation database software and archive it on digital media. This would make the electronic data discovery (EDD) process easy.

Online Databases.

We can also securely store your valuable litigation database on a website to enable easy online access and sharing.


Please contact us with your data outsourcing and data conversion requirements.

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