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Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm is advantageous when you need to archive and preserve documents for the future however it does have some major drawbacks. Finding the document you need on a fiche or microfilm can take a long time as only one person can use the film or fiche at any given moment.

The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer the microfilm and microfiche you can avoid these challenges as conversion to a computerised file. Can be TIFF or JPEG, which are computer files used to store pictures or graphics. We also use PDF (Portable Document Format) which are designed for easy printing and sharing. will help you to find the required document instantly and can be shared between multiple users. Microfilm scanning along with mirofiche scanning has proven to help organisations track and trace their documents quickly which eliminates that time consuming process of searching through each slide.

The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer images are then verified with the client to ensure they are satisfied with the quality, once approved the scanning process begins.

After scanning, if necessary images are then processed through sophisticated image enhancement treatments to produce the best quality document possible from the film roll.

Most standard business documents can be captured perfectly with black and white and this is generally recommended if you intend to scan them for archival purposes. We also offer greyscale. These images are monochrome but rather than just capturing the dark and light areas of an image, greyscale captures all the greys any faded text or black and white photography. Scanning which is recommeded for intricate detailed documents with small fonts, aged films or drawings of large sizes.

Once the scanning process is completed, indexing is applied to the scanned files to identify them easily; files can be indexed by identifers on the document such as reference number, title or description.

The finalised files are then written on to a CD or DVD. If required, user friendly search software can also be included on the CD which helps to find the files quickly. For shared access, files from the CD can be copied on to a office network.

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