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XML Conversion

We are specializes in the implementation and management of high-volume, complex projects for XML Conversion. Using XML as a document representation format is of great benefit, and applies across industries.

We have more than a eight years experience providing XML Conversion. Converting your documents to XML not only gives you the ability to publish documents to the Web, print, CD-ROM, and to handheld devices at the click of a button, but also brings real cost savings.

e-Data Pro, a pioneer data entry service provider in India offers cost effective, quick and accurate XML conversion solutions. The XML conversion process is tedious and complex, and requires cumbersome tagging processes. The major barriers in XML conversion are the time and expense required to convert the existing data to XML. However this can be overcome by the skilled and experienced XML professionals within us.

The experienced Data Entry team uses advanced, programmatic, content analysis and transformation tools to deliver accurate, fast and re-usable XML conversion solutions at lower costs.

Irrespective of the current data format we offers XML conversion with best value proposition. We ensures 99.995% accuracy for your outsourced data entry and data conversion services

Some of these services are:

And more …


How do you compare XML with HTML?

XML enables applications that HTML cannot. XML is a more versatile language than HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

HTML is quite limiting. It does not offer very rich semantics to describe a document. XML, on the other hand, allows web designers and developers to build individualized, dynamic sites using complex data elements. It also enables them to access information across databases and types of data without having to rely on a search engine.

XML is flexible: Create your own tags and share them with other users.

XML is scalable: Document structures can be nested to any level of complexity.

XML makes a document "well-formed" - i.e. it is easy for a computer program to read, and ready for network delivery.

XML can be used across data types, whether it is universal data (such as name and address) or industry/company/user-specific data (such as price, manufacturer, product, etc.)

XML can be used across platforms: it is a standardized, vendor independent system for presenting data

XML can be validated, that is, it must conform to a grammar or set of rules as presented in the Document Type Declaration (DTD). Such documents are easier to use and re-use than documents, which do not have a structured format for containing tags.

HTML can be easily converted to XML.

Who are our customers?

Publishers, law firms and other companies that work with large volumes of content.

We have many long-term customers mostly from the US and the UK. These include legal firms, Colleges, Private Universities and over 40 other International customers.




Please contact us with your data outsourcing and data conversion requirements.

For more information, e-mail us: e-datapro@live.in


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